Serb Community to be “main topic” of Kosovo round

Marko Djuric said on Monday the main topic of the next Brussels meeting would be the implementation of the deal on the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO).


The director of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo and Metohija told reporters in the municipality of Ranilug, eastern Kosovo, that an executive order on the establishment of the Community, as agreed on August 25, 2015, would have to be made.

“This is a key prerequisite for building basic mutual trust,” he said, noting that the Community could bring about far better relations between Serbs and ethnic Albanians, and consequently greater stability and economic prospects for everyone in Kosovo.

The rule of law will also be on the agenda, including “Oliver Ivanovic’s right to a fair trial, which has so far been denied in the proceedings,” Djuric said, describing it as “kafkaesque.”

Speaking in Ranilug today, Marko Djuric said that upcoming early parliamentary elections would be held in the whole of Serbia, including in Kosovo and Metohija.

Djuric told reporters that parliamentary elections would be held in all Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo, adding, “there should be no problem with that.”

He believes that, to honor the spirit of normalization of relations, there should be no obstruction.

“I will repeat – as we see it, the elections will be held in the entire Serbian territory. Pristina has no reason to be angry about the elections being held here. It does not mean that we are making them express any political views that may differ from those they are already expressing and that we are aware of and do not agree with,” he said.

Djuric was in Ranilug to consult with the political representatives of Serbs from Kosovsko Pomoravlje ahead of his trip to Brussels where he will take part in preparations for a meeting between Aleksandar Vucic and Isa Mustafa, planned for Wednesday.

(B92, 25/01/2016)