Brnabic: “Dialogue with Kosovo, but let’s implement already signed agreements first”


The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, said that despite the recent moves of President Vucic, she doesn’t believe that Serbia will recognize Kosovo’s independence, but she insists on dialogue and the implementation of mutually accepted agreements.

“Regarding Serbia’s internal matters, President Vucic took a very important decision recently, that of inviting everyone in an internal debate regarding the future of the dialogue with Kosovo. To be sincere to you, I don’t see Serbia recognizing Kosovo. But it is very important for us to understand what we want from the dialogue with Kosovo. This is why it is always good to talk about it”, Brnabic said.

“We signed the Brussels agreement years ago, which was also a difficult decision for President Vucic and our Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic. We have still a long way ahead until the Brussels agreement is implemented. From this view, I once again invite Prishtina to start implementing some of the most important points of that agreement, such as the Association of Serbian-majority communes. We hope that dialogue will go on. Serbia is always ready to continue this dialogue, because dialogue is always good. Let’s be pragmatic. First let’s start implementing the matters we agreed on, and then we can see on what else we can cooperate”, the Serbian Prime Minister said.

As for the regional cooperation between Western Balkan countries, the Serbian Prime Minister underlined the importance of such meetings, which focus on problems affecting the entire region before the EU, and also focus on agreeing together on major project for the region.

(, 28/08/2017)