EC: The next meeting within the Berlin Process on November 10 in Sofia


The next meeting within the Berlin Process, which will bring together the leaders of the Western Balkans and the European Union, will be held on November 10 in Sofia, Bulgaria, when a plan for creating a common regional market should be adopted, N1 found out from the European Commission.

The EC says that the plan is being drafted and the details are being harmonized, but that the document will be ready by November, so that it can be considered and adopted at the meeting in Sofia.

“The plan should be structured around the freedoms of movement of people, goods and services, as well as concrete measures that will bring tangible benefits to companies and citizens from the region. This includes reducing cross-border technical barriers to trade, harmonizing investment policies, recognizing professional qualifications across the region, encouraging e-commerce  “the (European Commission said.

The Berlin process began in 2014. The goal of the meeting, initiated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was to reach a joint agreement on strengthening regional cooperation in the Western Balkans and resolving the remaining open issues in the region.

(, 18/09/2020)